- On Friday 5th of March at 21 pm at the Sarrià’s Parish Center, it was held the traditional „Sopar de la Fam“ (a dinner organized in support for the poor) to raise funds for the project „La Mansion“ in Peru. Stephanie Wildenberg, a board member of „Claim for Dignity e.V.“ as a cooperator in Arequipa (Peru) spent six months working in the project, made a presentation and shared her experience in relation with it. The collection amounted up to € 285. Thank you all!
- In May will take place the 11th edition of the Fair Trade Festival and the Ethical Bank Day in Barcelona (Sarrià). CxD is a collaborating institution. Throughout the month there will be exhibitions, conferences, talks ... and on Saturday, the 8th of May at the Plaça de Sant Vicenç de Sarrià (Barcelona) will be a trade fair involving different activities (concerts, storytelling, eco-lunch...).
- Last 20th April was born Gisela Esparza Muñoz, the daughter of Mireia and Antonio. Congratulations!
- We need volunteer translators (Catalan / Spanish, Catalan or Spanish / English).
- Anyone interested in volunteering for „Sostre Project“ in Barcelona, contact Xavier Laguno (xavierlaguno at gmail . com) or with secretary of CxD.


- 22. and 23.01.10 Michael and Stephanie take part at a conference of the BDKJ (Bund der Deutschen Katholischen Jugend). The BDKJ is since 2008 a registered organisation for the volunteer service „Weltwärts“ of the german ministry of economic cooperation and development.

- 02.02.10 Stephanie presents the Arequipa-Project at the Christian-Morgernstern-School and youth-aid in Reutlingen-Rommelsbach. After the presentation there is an intensive and interesting discussion. The young people decide to support the project.

- 19.02.10 – Meeting of the members of the association in Tübingen, in which decisions for the strategic development are discussed.

- 26.02.10 – Meeting in Langenau with students, teachers and parents of the Robert-Bosch-Gymnasium for the preparation of the Weltwärts-stay of Judith Manusch and Sarah Ament

- Presentation of the Arequipa project on the website of

- 16.04.10-19.08.10 Josephine Asche from Tübingen is a field worker on the Arequipa project.

- Lucia and Serge marry in April in Peru. Our congratulations.

- 26.04.10 Meeting of Michael, Sarah and Judith and the video study group of the RBG. Planning of a video documentary of the Peru stay

- Banchu Fañanás-Hernández ist the newest family member of Maria and Edi. Banchu was born 21.05.2009 in Mizan (Ethiopia). Edith, Mercè and Tomàs are very happy about their new sister.

- 28.04 - 02.05.10 Sarah Ament and Judith Manusch receive the first part of the training from the BDKJ for the Weltwärts program. Both are from August 2010 to July 2011 in Arequipa (Peru) to support the project „Poverty and malnutrition versus education“.

- 03.05.10 Meeting of the members of the association in Tübingen to prepare the general assembly

- 05.06.10 general assembly of the members of the association in Tübingen



On the 27th December the VI. General Assembly of CxD took place. The past year has been approved and the statutes were changed. The newly elected Executive Committee for 2010 consists of: Aleix Layola (Chairman), Édison Fañanás (2nd Chairman), Antonio Esparza (Treasurer), Laura Garcia-Faria (Secretary), Javier Laguno (Committee Member), Carles Hernández (Committee Member) and Maria Hernàndez (Committee member). It was decided to elect the Board annually. until now there were two-year periods.

At the meeting the new address of CxD was accepted: C / Pare Miquel de Sarrià, 8, 08034 Barcelona (community center of the community, „St. Vicenç de Sarrià“), telephone 93 203 97 72.

As for the financial statements 2009 will be a surplus of € 135.86 (as of 18.12.2009). The principal amounts of revenue with be represented by 980 € for membership fees and a donation of 250 € for the project of La Mansion. The annual costs consist of a Sostre donation of 100 €, the maintenance of the homepage of 600 € and the cost of the newsletter of € 294.80. On the 18th December the deposit account balance is € 6104.24.

The 2010 budget will be in the same range as 2009 ), although with a financial perspective from 1,300 € ( Sostre, homepage, newsletter and other various expenses). The budget does not include any subsidies and / or donations, which could be part of the project „La Mansion“.

On Friday, 5th March in the town center of Sarrià the traditional „Hunger Dinner“ will be celebrated to raise money for the project of „La Mansión“ in Peru. Stephanie Wildenberg, board member of Claim for Dignity Association, which supported six months as a volunteer for the project in Arequipa will introduce us to the project and report on their experience.

We continue to work on the possibility that „Clam per la Dignitat“ is an organization that has tax benefits when we collect donations. In the near future we will know something and you will be informed immediately.

We need volunteer translators (Catalan / Spanish, Catalan or Spanish / English). We welcome to the team Eliana Gonzalez.

Persons interested in the volunteer work of Sostre in Barcelona may contact Javi Laguno (xavierlaguno at or the Secretary.

Last December, Viola Auset Duran was born, the daughter of Viola and Pablo. Congratulations!


- 08.12.09 - meeting in Tübingen. Sending letters to foundations for project support.

- 10.12.09 - meeting in Langenau. Together with the teachers of the RBG‘s selection of 2 high school graduates for the voluntary social year starting in August 2010 in Arequipa: Judith Manush and Sarah Ament, students of the Robert-Bosch-Gymnasium.

- 12.12.09 – 9th Annual General Meeting in Aichtal. A brief summary (figures for 2008 accepted. The Peru Trip. new address, new statutes, board chairmen and treasurer were confirmed in their positions. New Members: Josephine Asche and Claudia Motta originally from Arequipa, who lives in Germany: Welcome!

- 22-23.01.10 the next meeting of the Academic Staff of the BDKJ Weltwärts Program takes place in Wernau. Stephanie and Michael will participte.

- The next cfd meeting will take place in spring.

- 21.12.2009: Birth of Antonia Zipp. Daughter of Walter and Candan. A new potential cfd member. Congratulations!



- Last Friday 21st August members and friends of “Clam per la Dignitat“ (Clam for Dignity) finally celebrated the meeting at Sant Just and also the traditional summer dinner.

- Next Sunday 8th November at 5 p.m. at Centro Parroquial de Sarrià (Parish Center of Sarria), address: CPS, C/ Pare Miquel de Sarrià, 8; 08034 Barcelona, we will celebrate a meeting of training and sensibilization with a German guest: The student of Theology Katharina Römel. She will talk about her experience of volunteer in Bolivia and the German culture and tradition related with cooperation, especially the habit of a year volunteer abroad after the secondary school. In this context, she will present us the program “Weltwärts” that Germany has to support this voluntary work of cooperation. Edi will also talk about his recent trip to Peru and the state of the project.

- The 6th General Assembly is planned for Sunday 27th December at 6 p.m. at Centro Parroquial de Sarrià (Parish Centre of Sarria).

- For logistic reasons, the Dinner for Hunger for 2009 has been cancelled and we are starting preparing the Dinner for Hunger for 2010. We will have as a guest Stephanie Wildenberg. It will be celebrate in Barcelona during Eastern.

- Since 23rd September our friend and member of “Clam per la Dignitat“ (Clam for Dignity) Irma Fañanás Lanau is working as nurse in the hospital “San Ricardo Pampuri” in Asunción (Paraguay). This hospital is dedicated basically to young terminal ills without economical sources. Her stay will last one year. Last July she was already in the hospital together with the Catalonian doctor and almost oncologist José Mazarico. Good luck Irma! We reserve a little part of the bulletin to explain your experiences.

- Next 7th November Carles Hernández Clua, member of the Council of “Clam per la Dignitat“ (Clam for Dignity) and Natalia Mas, also friend of our organization, will marry in Barcelona. Our best wishes for this new life you are starting. Congratulations!

- We continue working with the possibility that “Clam per la Dignitat“ (Clam for Dignity) becomes a organization that reduces taxes when one gives us a donation. We will inform as soon as we have any information.

- We need volunteer translators (Catalan/Spanish, Catalan or Spanish/English).

- Anyone interested on volunteering for Sostre in Barcelona, please contact Javi Laguno (xavierlaguno at or the Secretary’s Office.


-July 13th till 15th, the Robert-Bosch-Gymnasium, a high school in Langenau, arranged a project about Peru-Poverty-Health and a charity run for their partner school in La Mansion. We would like to thank all the students and teachers and especially the students’ council members for their great commitment.

-By the end of August 3950,00 Euro from the CfD charity run were send to Peru to be used for the school canteen.

-The school in La Mansion was asigned a new director for the upcoming term.

-September 9th, Stephanie, Edi, Michael, Sabine and Maria will meet to decide on further steps and future development of CfD.

-October 14th, the next supporter meeting of the BDKJ about the “Weltwärts Programm” will take place. Stephanie and Michael will take part.

-From October 21st till 30th, Edi, Stephanie, Michael and two teachers of the Robert-Bosch-Gymnasium, Silke Kamradt and Markus Braunmiller will be in Arequipa, Peru. In Lima they will be joined by Carla Gonzàlez and Nedda, two of our friends. The goal of this trip is to get a general idea about the situation in La Mansion and to strengthen the co-operation with CIESCU and to further work on our project “Undernourishment and Poverty versus Education”. On September 24th, the German travelers will meet to plan and prepare the trip to Peru.



- The small help that we have requested lastJanuary for the project of „La Mansión“ in Arequipa (Peru) to the AMB (Àrea Metropolitana of Barcelona) has been denied.

- We are trying to organize, like every year, the Dinner of the Hunger. We can not still specify the day and the hour.

- We keep receiving electronic mail of organizations and people, the majority of Latin America, who ask us for material help to finance its projects or else ask us to collaborate with our ONG. At present the only thing that we can offer them is to continue in contact through our bulletin. It means that our bulletin is read by people and organizations that we do not know, who we also invite to take part in this bulletin. If you have some writing that can be of interest for all of us, please, send it to us. Thank you very much.

- On Friday 28 of August at 6 pm we have a meeting of members and friends of Clam per the Dignitat in the Parish Center of Sarrià.

- We need voluntary translators (Catalan/Spanish; Catalan or Spanish/English).

- Who is interested to participate in the voluntary service of Sostre in Barcelona contact Javi Laguno (xavierlaguno at or contact the secretary.


On 4th of April the meeting of the members of Claim for Dignity took place in Filderstadt. Apart from a changing in the statute there was information about the situation of the different projects and a discussion about future objectives and lines of development. The new executive committee consists of Stephanie, Edi and Michael.

With the help of the BDKJ and thanks to the work of Edi, Stephanie, Michael and Maria we could receive two volunteer places for the Peru project, which are financed by the Weltwärts program of the German Government. We have now the possibility to act locally, with the help of persons willing to make experiences in Peru.

The Cooperation with the High School Langenau intensifies itself. The preparation for the project days, which have the school in Arequipa to the topic, is in full progress. A journey to Peru in the autumn is definitely scheduled.

The High School Bretten received planning documents for its green roof project for Arequipa. We are very curious about the results.


- On 27 December in Barcelona the Fifth Member Assembly of „Clam per la Dignitat“ took place. There were goals for the year 2009, which we can summarize: (1) support for the project of international cooperation in education versus Malnutrition in „La Mansion“ (Arequipa, Peru) with the local NGO CIESCU and with our sister organization in Germany, „Claim for Dignity e.V.“, (2) support for a local project „Sostre“ in Barceloneta, (3) continue the quarterly bulletin „CexDe“ and the website (4) the possible change of our association headquarter (the new headquarters would be the community center of the Catholic community of Sant Vicenç de Sarrià Barcelona) and (5) carry out the necessary modifications so that the donations to our association become relevant for tax refunds.
Viola Durán and Miriam Fernández quit the council. We thank them for their dedication and cooperation and we hope to continue with them as active members of the association. Manuel Martín Carmona as secretary and Toni Valls i Castellví as vocal are the new members of the council of „Clam per la Dignitat“: Welcome!

- As a association we have decided to participate at the platform „Derecho a vivir“ („right to life“). On our website is the linked to the platform to their website

- We have requested funds for the project in „La Mansion“ from the AMB (Metropolitan Area of Barcelona). The application is titled „VIP at La Mansión“ as VIP stands for „ventilated improved pit latrine“. We request funding to build one (or two) latrines in the school „La Mansión“ in Arequipa (Peru).

- We try to run the annual dinner against hunger. Date and place are not fixed yet.

- We would like to thank all for membership fees and donations paid. This year we should have a zero balance, one of the objectives of the Assembly.

- We need volunteer translators (Catalan / Spanish, Catalan or Spanish / English).

- Who is interested to participate in the voluntary service of Sostre in Barcelona contact Javi Laguno (xavierlaguno at or contact the secretary.


On our website is an information booklet on nutrition sponsoring for our project in Arequipa / Peru. We ask for your support and distribution to potentially interested people to keep the project alive.

The students of the Melanchtron School in Bretten started with the development of solutions to improve the living conditions in „La Mansion / Arequipa“.

Stephanie reported on 6th February in the Tübingen based free radio „Wüste Welle“ one hour about the project in Arequipa and the association „Claim for Dignity“.

On 13th and 14th February Stephanie, Edi and Michael took part of an event of BDKJ about the program Weltwärts, the voluntary service of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. There were already interviews with interested persons for voluntary work in Arequipa.

The Robert-Bosch-Gymnasium in Langenau prepare the Project days 2009 with the main subject „School in La Mansion“.


Due to contingencies at the last moment for reasons beyond our control, it has been impossible a meeting in Barcelona with José Álvaro, president of CIESCU-Peru, during his stay in Barcelona in October, and with Pilar Solà, president of CIESCU-Spain. The idea of having a public open act together for presenting the project “La Mansion” was then cancelled.

We still receive offers for people interested in working or having practices with us. We thank all these applications, that we always answer and file in our secretary and we trust to improve our infrastructure in the future to do more.

We also receive applications about concrete project, like our friend in Peru Carla Leguia, who is searching for a job in Spain. Please, contact with us in case anybody can help us about this.

Next Saturday 27th December at 6 p.m. is planified the 5th General Meeting of “Clam for Dignity” that will be held at the Centre of the Parish Church of Sant Vicenç in Sarria. All the members and friends of “Clam”, please, keep in mind the date.

Anyone interested in the volunteer service of “Sostre” (Roof) in Barcelona keep in contact with Javi Laguno (xavierlaguno at or with the Secretary.

On Friday 7th November José Álvaro Ruiz, president of CIESCU-Perú and director of the project “La Mansión: education versus malnutrition” was together with five members of “Clam for Dignity e. V.” in the Secondary School Robert Bosch in Langenau (Robert-Bosch-Gymnasium, RBG near the city of Ulm, Germany) in order to show the project and to seal a patronage between the two schools, where there are also present the NGO´s CIESCU and “Clam for Dignity e. V.” The reception of the teachers and students was excellent. The day culminated with a dinner of friendship paid by the school. Thank you very much and hope to be the start of a fruitful relationship for all the implicated parts !

Also on Friday 7th November in the afternoon in the Parish Church of Saint Michael in Tuebingen José Álvaro Ruiz presented the project to a group of secondary students interested in having a one-year voluntary stay in Arequipa. At the end, we share all together a very delightful dinner.

On last 6th December, the VIII General Meeting of “Clam for Dignity e.V.” was celebrated in Sabine Molling´s house in Aich/Aichtal. Finally we were fourteen people. The meeting was very rich in contents and interchanges. We revised the work of the last year and, moreover, we talked about how to deal with the challenges offered by the project of “La Mansion” and how to distribute the work. Sintetically we can say that Ralf keeps the contact with the school in Langenau (he was a student in this school), Michael keeps the relationship with Prof. Eyerer and the foundation TheoPrax and Stephanie and Edi keep the topic of voluntaries through Weltwaerts and coordinate the possible offers of new subsidies. A campaign of food patronage for the children of the school was approved.
On the other hand, Annette and Andreas kept up to date about the situation in Kirguizistan and their project “Zuflucht e.V.”
Finally, the measures of the year 2008 were approved and the Director Council was again elected, which is formed by Michael Schliep, Stephanie Wildenberg and Édison Fañanás. The economic management, carried out by Sabine Molling and supervised by Sabine Schliep, could not be approved, due to the fact that the year has not already finished. However, it seems that the economic management will be approved in next meeting and they both will be again elected for continuing with this responsibility in 2009. After the meeting, a typical Christmas dinner happened.

Last Wednesday 10th December in the Secondary School Melanchton in Bretten (Melachthon Gymnasium Bretten, MGB, near Karlsruhe) and inside the project of cooperation between the Secondary School and the Fundation TheoPax related to the new subject “Technics and Sciences of Nature” (Naturwissenscharten und Technik, NWT) for student between 13 and 14 years-old (Levels 8 and 9 in the german educational system) the project of “La Mansion” was presented as a real and practical example of new applications that can be developed in the subject. Stephanie and Ralf, together with Prof. Eyerer, president of the Fundation TheoPax, presented the reality of the neighbourhood of “La Mansion” and also the architecture possibilities for gaining a little garden on the roof of the house. Moreover, a physicist took part in order to explain how wind power works. The act was very participating and the valuation of Stephanie and Ralf was very positive.

“Claim for Dignity e. V.” joint the offer of BDKL (Bund der Deutschen Katholischen Jugend, federation of young German Catholics of the diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart) and the department of “Church of the world” of the diocese to carry through them the two offers to be done to the state program to the promotion of international cooperation volunteer “Welwaerts” supported by the German Ministry of Cooperation and Development. This means that from August 2009 to July 2010, two German young boys or girls can spend a one-year volunteer stay in Arequipa supporting the project “La Mansion”. Moreover, and also in coordination with the Parish Church of Saint Michael in Tuebingen and the organization “Pater Stella e.V.”, two more vacancies of volunteer in Eritrea will be offered. By 13rd or 14th February is expected to have a diocesan meeting of all the entities related to the program “Weltwaerts” that works in the diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart. “Claim for Dignity e.V.” expects to present four people (The Director Council and another member not yet decided).
If any young German boy or girl is interested in collaborate in this program of international cooperation volunteer come into contact with us before 31st January 2009.


- Nineteen people attended to the Hunger Supper celebrated on Friday, 23 May at 9pm in the parish of Sant Joan Baptista located in the neighborhood of Gracia, in Barcelona. The collection, which totaled 275 Euro, has been sent to SouthAfrica for the project “HIV/AIDS Response Program” of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart in South Africa. Many thanks to those who participated and to those who were unable to assist and still have sent a donation for the project. Specially, thanks to Lluis Vidal, of the parish, for his collaboration.

- Two applications for aid that were filed in May before the Generalitat de Catalunya have been rejected: 1) sensitizing project “BUTWEB-2008-CxD”, subsidy application: 6.800 Euro; 2) international cooperation project “LA MANSION-2008: EDUCATION VERSUS MALNUTRITION”, subsidy application: 15.000 Euro.

- A meeting with the members and Board of Management of Clam was held in San Just on Friday, August 22. It focused on the actual situation of the project La Mansión in Arequipa (Peru), and it was followed by a dinner for those who attended.

- On the coming month of October and since José Álvaro, president of CIESCU-Perú is in Barcelona, we have planned to meet him and Pilar Solà, president of CIESCU-Spain. Also and counting on the stay of Pilar in Peru during the month of June, we will try to celebrate an open act in order to show the project La Mansión.

- The V General Assembly of Clam per la Dignitat is scheduled for next December 27. It will be held in the parochial centre of Sant Vicenç de Sarrià. All members and friends of Clam, please, save the day.

- Anyone interested on volunteering for Sostre in Barcelona, please contact Javi Laguno (xavierlaguno at or the Secretary’s Office.

- Following the positive experience of last winter in Kyrgyzstan and after the building of the first “yellow house”, which was constructed under the coordination of Andreas Simon (please, see “Experiences” on Bulletin no. 15, July-September 2007) we are pleased to announce that a second house with similar characteristics is now being built.

- Last July 18, it was celebrated the second work meeting between the teachers of the secondary school Media Robert-Bosch of Langenau (close to the city of Ulm, Germany) who are involved in the project La Mansión and the Board of Management of Claim for Dignity e.V. An agreement was reached regarding a mutual collaboration with duration of two years in order to support the project La Mansión and regarding cooperation with the school of La Mansión. In this respect, a special journey has been scheduled for November 7 in the Robert-Bosch Institute due to José Álvaro’s presence, president of CIESCU-Perú and director of the project La Mansión.

- On Monday, July 28, there was a meeting in Tübingen with the TheoPrax Foundation, directed by Professor Peter Eyerer, which ended with an agreement regarding mutual collaboration for the project La Mansión.

- Next Saturday, September 13, José Álvaro (CIESCU-Perú), Pilar Solà (CIESCU-Spain), Prof. Peter Eyerer (TheoPrax Foundation) and members of Claim for Dignity e.V. will meet in Tübingen. Besides getting to know each other personally, this encounter aims to deeply present the project La Mansión as well as to specify the joint work for the next months.

- Claim for Dignity e.V. intends to file an application for the international cooperation volunteering “Weltwärts” program sponsored by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development in order to offer a 6-month stay in Arequipa, Perú, to young people interested in supporting the project La Mansion. For further information please contact us.


- The traditional “Cena del Hambre” will take place in the parish church of John the Baptist on 23rd May 2008 (Santa Creu 2, plaza de la Virreina, 08024 Barcelona). As we already informed previously, the collected money will be donated to the project “HIV/AIDS Response program” from the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart in South Africa. We would like to recommend a minimum donation of 5€ per attendee.

- Our NGO “Clam per la Dignitat” will be introduced together with other associations and organisations in the parish centre of Saint Vincent (Barcelona), on 24th May 2008.

- The next meetings of the board of “Clam per la Dignitat” will take place on 25th of May and 18th August 2008. Any member or friend of our NGO is welcomed to participate.

- Friends and members of Claim for Dignity e.V.” will meet at the evangelic parish centre of Aich/Aichtal on 5th July 2008. In the morning session we will make working groups, and in the afternoon session Stephanie will present her experience in Arequipa (Peru) in relation to the project “La Mansión”

- Project “La Mansión” in Arequipa (Peru)
-- The high school Robert-Bosch in Langenau has contacted our NGO “Claim for Dignity e.V.” through SEZ (Stiftung-Entwicklung-Zusammenarbeit) in order to evaluate the possibility of implementing a cooperation project together with the school “La Mansión” in Peru. The first meeting to discuss the issue will take place at the SEZ premises in Stuttgart on 4th June 2008.
-- Stephanie will present the project “La Mansion” in the seminar given by Prof. Walther Specht taking place in the University of Tübingen. In addition, Prof. Specht has invited both Stephanie and José Àlvaro, president from CIESCU, to participate in the ninth international symposium organised by ISMO (International Society for Mobile Youth Work) in Stuttgart on 15-18th September 2008; the project “La Mansión” and other results from the investigations performed by José Álvaro will be presented.
-- Stephanie will present the project “La Mansión” in the educational institution Hermann-Gundert-Schule from Calw, as well as in the Christian-Morgenstern-Schule professional training centre (including its three shelters for young people) in the city of Reutlingen-Rommelsbach.
-- Young people interested in going to Arequina (Peru) to support the project “La Mansión” for a period of six to twelve months should contact us.

- José Àlvaro Ruiz, president of the Peruvian NGO CIESCU, has been invited to come to Europe from 1st August until 5th October 2008 by the association SCI-Bélgica (International Civil Service). He will extend his visit to stay in Barcelona until 20th November 2008, where he will meet members of both “Claim for Dignity e.V.” and “Clam per la Dignitat”.

- If you are interested in volunteering for “Sostre” in Barcelona, please contact Javi Laguno ( or the secretary’s office.
- Our friends Roger Layola and Núria Molines got married in Barcelona on 12th April 2008; Viola Durán and Pablo Auset will also get married in Barcelona on 7th June 2008. Congratulations!!!

-We would like to congratulate Macarena and Javi for the birth of their first son, Javier Baquero Dastis, born in Barcelona on 3rd May 2008.

- We would like to have a special thought and a prayer for the baby from our South African friends, Lufuno and his wife, who died two days after being born.


- Project “La Mansión” in Arequipa (Peru).
-- Two bank transfers have already been done, (14/01/08 y 29/02/08) each one amounting 4.500 Euros. The money was granted to “Claim for Dignity e.V.” by the German organisation “Landesstiftung Baden-Württemberg”
-- The new project will be presented to the regional government and to the municipality of Socabaya in March. It is also envisaged that the school’s canteen starts running in March.
-- We keep fluent communications with our German cooperant Stephanie Wildenberg, and the president of the local NGO “CIESCU”, José Álvaro. In spite of the inherent project difficulties, both of them are happy with the project development.
-- Stephanie Wildenberg comes back home to Germany on 31st March 2008. We would like to organise an awareness act to collect funds.
-- If you are interested in spending from six to twelve months in Arequina (Peru) supporting the project “La Mansión”, please, contact us.

- The annual assembly of “Claim for Dignity e.V.” took place in Aich/Aichtal on 15th December 2007. Our friends and members of “Claim for Dignity e.V.”, Annette and Andreas Simon, took the opportunity to present their one-year experiences in Kyrgyzstan. At the end, we all shared the traditional Christmas dinner at Sabine Molling’s place. Next meeting is scheduled for May.

- The annual assembly of “Clam per la Dignitat” took place in Barcelona on 28th December 2007. The annual report was approved and the most significant decisions taken are as follows:
-- Next April (exact date still to be confirmed), the traditional “Hunger’s Dinner” will be organised in San Felip Neri’s chapel in the neighbourhood Gracia. This year, the collected money will be donated to the project “HIV/AIDS response program” in South Africa, which until recently it was coordinated by our friend Thandi Hadbe. The new project manager and contact person from now on is Father Herman Van Dijck (herman.vandijck/at/
-- The schedule for the general meetings for the year 2008 will be fixed on Monday 18/08 and 29/12, respectively. The latter will also be the date for the annual assembly.
-- It was decided to increase the yearly membership fee to 50 Euros by unanimity. Please, let us know if you are not able to pay this amount.
-- It was decided to manage internally the delivery of the bulletin and other correspondence in order to reduce expenses. We would like to thank the company “Full”, who was performing this job up to now, and we would like to let them know that we are open to work together again in the future.
-- Mariano Hernández, Ceci Benet and Irma Fañanás resigned from the board. We thank them for their dedication and collaboration, and we hope to continue having them as members of the entity. Miriam Fernández is the new board member of “Clam per la Dignitat”: Welcome!

- Our friend and member of “Clam per la Dignitat”, Bea Valer, took part in the IV conference of Physiotherapy of Central Calalunya - International Physiotherapy and International Cooperation – presenting our experiences in the project “MaS” in South Africa. The University organisation of Bages de Manresa has sent a 150 Euro cheque for the project “MaS”. We thank Bea for her work and the organisation for the nice gesture.

- “Clam per la Dignitat” has transferred the final 1400 Euros to the nuns responsible for the school of disabled children in Madombidzha (South Africa, project “MaS”). Our official collaboration ends with this donation. Nevertheless, we are open to future collaborations and we keep in touch with our South African friends.
-- Regarding South Africa, we have been informed that Sister Elite is spending a year in India, her country of origin, at the request of the Bishop. We send her many kind greetings from here.
-- Father André Stephan is again in South Africa, but this time in another parish. We send many kind greetings from Europe!

- Laura García-Faria, member of the board of “Clam per la Dignitat” and nurse of profession, has decided to work a year as a volunteer in Egypt and Sudan with the Missionaries of Charity. She has a blog in Internet: Many greetings from Europe! We wish you the best!

- The NGO “Solidaridad” ( from Uruguay has contacted us. We are studying the possibility of performing a collaborative action with them.

- If you are interested in volunteering for “Sostre” in Barcelona, please, contact Javi Laguno (xavierlaguno/at/ or the secretary’s office.

- We would like to congratulate Juan and Ester for the birth of their third child, Miquel; to Xavi and Pilar for the birth of their second child, Josep; and to Oriol and Pati for the birth of their third daughter, Mariona. We also have a special memory and prayer for Maria Alba (Mireia and Xavier Lorenzo’s Mother) and Pilar (Xavi Pla’s Mother), recently deceased. We wish them to enjoy life in fullness.


Sensibilisation activities typically consist on public events we promote with the aim of making our projects known as well as contributing in other initiatives that encourage sensibilisation and commitment to a more human and, as a consequence, fairer world. Sometimes we combine these activities with fund raising.